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I'm a proud army brat and Air Force girlfriend. I am a proud member of Alpha Omicron Pi. Definitely not your typical sorority girl. I just graduate college with two degrees in Children's Studies and Applied Developmental Psychology. I am also a Certified Child Life Specialist.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Stressed about life...

Life stresses me out.

I'm graduating after the summer quarter which will be in September. I have no idea what is going to happen. I have to resign my lease for my apartment because I need a place to stay over summer. However, if I don't get a job my parents are not going to continue to pay for rent. I also don't want a meaningless job. If I want to be a child life specialist I'm going to have to move somewhere else. Jobs in the field are scarce here, but are more available on the east coast.

This is where my problem comes in. What about Tommy? I don't want to leave him. I know he said he would help support me in any way he can. What should I do?

Not to mention I feel enormous pressure from my parents not only to move home but to get a job right away. Why do I have to graduate? Maybe I could put off graduating just a little bit longer....ha. We shall see I guess.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Good news...

I applied for an internship in the spring at the hospital. It's the child life internship and I have to do it in order to do that job. My advisor at the hospital for my field study said that my application was by far the best. She said she's going to try to be on the interview panel and she feels like I have a really good chance of getting it. I hope so. I want this with all my heart. I know that this job is perfect for me and I really hope this internship goes to me. Wish me luck!

I'm so excited just thinking about it! Except for the fact that it will be extremely stressful. It will be 9 to 5 type of job and then I will have to go to work in the evenings so I can afford to pay my bills. I don't know how I'm going to handle it.

Plus I have some strange things going on with my body. Awkward I know. My lymph nodes are swollen for no reason. I'm not sick, don't have any signs of having a cold or flu. They took blood and did an xray but both came back normal. So I have to go back on Friday if it's still there. And it definitely seems like it's going to still be there. It could be nothing at all but it could be something serious so I'm going to keep my eye on it.